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Huguenot Springs

"The place is especially designed by nature for the benefit of humanity"

~Brochure, ca. 1918


In the 19th century, the Mid-Lothian Coal Mining Company built a three story hotel and 12 cottages on the site and began promoting it as Huguenot Springs.


Natural springs provided a summer respite for city dwellers except for the duration of the Civil War, when it became a place of healing for the wounded. The Springs continues to this day as a respite and place to gather.


Huguenot Springs is a beautiful location for farm to table dinners and other food-related events. The main house includes a certified kitchen.

Owned by the Pendergraph family, the property is a pickup location for farm shares from the Pendergraphs' farm, Manakintowne Specialty Growers and for Fall Line Farms & Local Roots online farmers market.


The historic buildings with their high ceilings, white plaster walls and large windows are perfect for art shows and sales, and the gardens and grounds make a great setting for art workshops and plein air painting. The timeless quality of Huguenot Springs works well for movie sets and photo shoots.

Art gallery by appointment.

Artist in Residence: Lisa Goodwyn 


This unique event venue is a lovely natural setting for private events, workshops, cooking classes, art and food retreats, meetings, family reunions and other gatherings.

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